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Top 10 Theory of Knowledge essay writing tips

TweetIn Theory of Knowledge there are two assessment tasks. The essay is worth two thirds of the total marks and the presentation is worth one third of the marks. International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme students...


How do I begin to write my TOK essay?

TweetThere are a number of tips that might help you write your essay: 1.       Read good exemplar essays to get a feel for what examiners  are after. 2.       Choose your title wisely. You...


How can I improve my marks for TOK essays?

TweetTo do well in TOK, you have to get good at writing. For the final assessment, two thirds are awarded for your essay and one third for your presentation. Your essay is marked out...


How do I write my essay in a suitable style?

TweetAs you get marks for “personal engagement” it is important to use your own examples; your personal voice needs to come across in the essay. But writing your essay like a diary entry won’t...


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