To what extent are beauty, art and maths connected?

In one among a series of BBC History of Ideas clips, Vicky Neale examines the mathematics of beauty. The following text is taken from the BBC website and you can watch the animation here:

‘Mathematician Vicky Neale is keen to explain why mathematics is beautiful but also to work out whether beauty can itself be explained mathematically. There is a rich tradition of thought here going all the way back to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, whose understanding of mathematical relationships sits at the origins of western music. Vicky talks to guitar technician Eltham Jones and to Prof Thomas Johansen from the philosophy faculty in Oxford.’

You might develop this further by looking at the inter-relationship between art and maths. In his outstanding lecture on ‘The Art of Mathematics And the Mathematics of Art’ to the a Royal Society of New Zealand, Professor Marcus du Sautoy explores the complex relationship between maths and art.

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