Is this the best TOK parody ever?

Kesha Rose Sebert (born March 1, 1987), better known as Kesha released her single, “Tik Tok” in late 2009 and it reached number one in eleven countries.  I expect that few IB students can hear her song without being reminded of TOK.

Here are some multiple perspectives on Kesha’s  “Tik Tok” intended of course as entertainment for Theory of Knowledge students who might appreciate some light relief!

The first 2 videos look like they are the work of students at Hillcrest High School.

Here’s their official music video:

In case you don’t know the original song by Kesha, or if you wanted to compare the artistic and intellectual merits of each, here it is:

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  1. kblack931 says:

    Hey there! I just thought I’d let you know that I’m one of the people that made that music video. It’s not the official video by the same people that made the song; it was just for fun and CAS hours. :) This is the actual official music video, in case you wanted to see it:

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