Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma

Theory of knowledge is a compulsory part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma. To pass the diploma you must pass theory of knowledge.  The overall grade for TOK is based on a presentation and an essay.

The purpose of TOK is to encourage student to think for themselves. It is a course in critical thinking which will hopefully inspire thinking for life. It enables students to revisit their other academic subjects, appreciating the different types of knowledge they are dealing with. The ability to think for oneself and to “think on your feet” has ongoing benefits, not least university interviews.

TOK is about critical thought.  There are no experts in TOK. No other person, teacher nor parent can give you the answers. No book can be relied upon for ultimate authority. For once, students are being asked to critically examine their own ideas and thoughts. Students are given marks for “personal engagement” with questions. This means you need to use examples from your own personal experience rather than tired or well worn examples from TOK books.

So how will you do well in TOK? Given that failing TOK will mean failing the IB Diploma it’s certainly worth putting the time and effort into the course.  The important thing is to trust yourself and think on your own. There are books that are recommended on the website. It is also worth writing either a hand written journal  or a blog to record your  thoughts.

This website is designed to help you do the thinking for yourself and to get the top grade in TOK.

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