TOK VIDEO: A window on the world of quantum mechanics?

This is a fascinating programme – Horizon : What is one degree? In this video clip it shows how super-cooled liquids can simply pass through solid glass. ‘It’s a window on the world of quantum mechanics’ comments Ben Miller. In quantum physics things occur that might appear to be counter-intuitive.

In the same programme, (but not featured in this clip) Peter Atkins  of Oxford University put forward another counter-intuitive idea that everything in the universe is dispersing and that the spring of the universe ‘is collapsing into disorder.’  The idea of disorder driving the universe is a paradigm that seems to go against the intuition that everything has a purpose.  William Paley (1743-1805) proposed the idea that the universe is like a watch, driven by order and purpose. How might we distinguish between the deep intuitions that people have that the universe is a) collapsing into disorder or b) ordered and purposeful?

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