IB TOK VIDEO: How does our knowledge of time affect our understanding of ourselves?

Prof Brian Cox examines the nature of time and its role in creating both the universe and ourselves.┬áThe knowledge questions arising include, ‘How do we know how to measure time?’ and ‘How does our knowledge of time affect our understanding of ourselves?’

The scientific discovery that the cosmos is 13 billion years old and that it’s taken that long for life to evolve implies that the existence of human life is possible for only a fraction of time; humans have only been here for 200,000 years. You might ask ‘what is the basis for this knowledge?’ and how does the narrative that ‘human life is only possible for a fraction of time’ affect the way we think about ourselves? Does it follow that there is no point to our lives? Or does it mean that we should find meaning in our identity as ‘the cosmos made conscious’?

It could also be worth considering these knowledge issues from different historical and cultural perspectives.


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